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Over the past year we’ve witnessed significant scientific innovation to counter the COVID-19 pandemic. While the long-term effects of the pandemic are still unknown, in the near-term more people have been working from home, retiring early, or leaving the traditional workforce. …

Welcome to Citizen Upgrade!

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Our mission is to generate interesting content that empowers our readers to make positive impacts in their lives and their communities.

We are a community of experts covering technology, society, and personal development. Our current experts include software developers, engineers, physicians, and pilots. Our combined experience includes field work on…

“Cooking for Grownups” Now Available on Amazon

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Citizen Upgrade editorial team members are big fans of cooking food that is easy to make, inexpensive, and healthy. Many of us have friends or family members with dietary restrictions, so we’ve learned how to modify our favorite meals to accommodate gluten free, low-FODMAP, and vegetarian dietary restrictions. …

Frank Herbert’s Science Fiction Epic is a Blueprint for Life

Life Lessons from the SciFi Novel Dune
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Disclosure: This article contains Amazon affiliate links to products. Purchasing via these links supports our writing at no extra cost to you!

In the months preceding the release of Denis Villeneuve’s film adaptation, I decided to revisit the source material: Frank Herbert’s science fiction novel Dune. The imaginative story is…

The Garmin inReach Mini: Extreme Gear For Extreme Travellers!

Using a garmin inReach mini in Iceland to find the Djúpivogur hot spring
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For any traveler venturing beyond cellular service networks, some sort of tracking and communication device is an essential safety device. While satellite phones remain cost-prohibitive, a personal locator beacon is a cost-effective tool to track your location and check-in with friends and family back home. …

Tips for new college freshman to maximize their experience.

9 Tips for Incoming College Freshman
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In a few weeks, many students will make an exciting transition from high school to college life. In recent years, a rising number of voices have questioned the value of higher education as tuition prices and student debt have ballooned. Yet college remains an important stepping stone towards career advancement…

Track and Schedule Upkeep for Your Home or Real Estate Portfolio

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Growing up, I watched my Dad build a real estate investment portfolio of several properties. Using pen and paper, he diligently tracked maintenance schedules and repair records for each property. I would often accompany him on weekends to help perform minor repairs or supervise contractors. After each site visit, he…

An easy upgrade for anyone with a screwdriver

Jeep Cherokee XJ headlight replacement
Photo by author

Does your vehicle use older sealed-beam headlights? Sealed beams were introduced in the late 1930s and standardized by law on most US-market light trucks and cars after World War II. One of the main disadvantages of these are that they have integrated bulbs, so when they burn out you need…

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