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My name is Shinichi Okada, but my friends and family call me Shin. I started coding in early 2000 to help my wife’s website. A self-taught programmer, I am a mathematics teacher by profession. …

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Table of Contents
· Introduction
· Create a free account at MongoDB
· Create a database user
· IP Access List
· Database
· Connect with the MongoDB shell
· Connect your application
· Connect using MongoDB Compass
· Conclusion


I used MongoDB for the last project. In this article…

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According to DMR statistics, there are 7 billion monthly Flickr API requests, 500 million photos with Creative Commons license, 1 million photos shared daily, and 10 billion images on Flickr.

In mylast article, I wrote about how to create an Unsplash photo search. …

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Table of Contents
· Introduction
· Installation
· Sidebar component
· Multiple-menu
· Modifying component classes
∘ Aside component
∘ Navbar component
∘ Nav component
∘ SideBarList component
· Conclusion


Recently, I created my first Svelte component Svelte-sidebar. You can find it on the NPM website . The Svelte-sidebar is…

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Table of Contents
· Introduction
· Installation
· Routers and link
∘ .env file
· Unsplash-search page
· Landing page HTML
· Unsplash fetch function
· JavaScript
· Run localhost
· Conclusion
· References


I like how Medium inserts an image from Unsplash. You just need to click a plus…

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In the last article, I wrote about how to modularize Bash script code. This time, I created a Shell Script starter plus more based on the article. It works for bash, zsh, sh, ksh. By using this starter you can create a project like GitHub CLI that has many subcommands…

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[Updated: 2022–01–13 Download the appended div]


Recently, I had a project where I needed to convert HTML to an image for downloading. I had quite a few issues using different JavaScript libraries. This article shows you the problems I encountered and their solutions.

Remove extra CSS


I used Bootstrap on some pages. Chrome…

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